We are a Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble based in Washington, D.C. passionate
for creating joy in the community through the art of dance

Our Mission

To preserve the rich Bulgarian folk-dance tradition, and to
enhance the awareness of Bulgarian folk arts (including dance,
music, song and rhythm) throughout the U.S. and the world.


What we offer

Group Classes

Weekly group classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels


Professional performances at festivals, shows, private events, and more


Social dance events called “Vecherinka” to bring the community together


Why Bulgarian dancing?

🇧🇬 Culture
Gain a strong sense of belonging to the Bulgarian (Balkan) community

❤️ Health 
Stay fit by exercising in a sustainable, fun and exciting way

👋🏻 Social
Meet new friends from a rich variety of nationalities and backgrounds

🎨 Arts
Embrace your creativity in the art of social dance

🧠 Mind
Keep your brain sharp with learning techniques and routines


Join the Fun

Everyone is invited to join our community! Whether you are in
it for the culture, health, social, arts or mind – the Zharava
family welcomes you with open arms!



We meet Mondays and Wednesdays for group dance practice from 7 – 9 PM (EST) on the 2nd floor of the John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church located on 14th and Corcoran Street in Washington, D.C.


Contact us

Find us on social media, drop-in for a group class or send us an email.